The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, female entrepreneurs.

Edie Berg speaks with experts about the business side of the fitness industry, how to grow your fitness business, and how businesses and corporations can use health and wellness to improve employee satisfaction, retention and improve their bottom line. Edie interviews women leaders who use health and fitness as tools for success. Currently, the Strong Women's Club is in Season 3 of production.
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The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, female entrepreneurs.



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Nov 1, 2016

Welcome to #SWC No 7! This is a quick, short and practical podcast with tips and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be.

And brags! Today we have a brag from Brooke Davenport, and this is what Brooke has to say:

“Hello, my name's Brooke and my brag for today is I have stepped outside of my comfort zone. With prompting from Edie, I have agreed to be a guest on a podcast with someone in my industry. This is totally outside of my comfort zone, I am not one to get on a live recording and do a brag, so this is kind of cool. I'm definitely not someone that would ever have planned to get on a podcast and be a guest for a 30 to 40-minute show. But because of Edie, she encouraged me to do so. I am in a private Mastermind group with Edie. Absolutely love and look forward to every single weekly session that we do, and Edie, I just want to thank you, I want to thank you for helping me step outside of my comfort zone, and for putting on this wonderful podcast, The Strong Women's Club. So thank you to all and have a wonderful day!”

Thank you, Brooke, for saying such nice things!

I also love our Mastermind, and you're right to be proud and a little nervous to be on your first podcast. Though I know that you're scared now, but it's a little bit more like stage fright.

I know that you know that you have a lot to say about your business and it's not as hard as you think. Also hearing yourself record is a bit strange to start out with, but you get used to that quickly. And I can't wait to hear you on that podcast!

If anybody else wants to check out Brooke's website and her business and find out more about her, Brooke's website is Blinds and More (

Today’s Tip
I want to talk about a website which is an online service called Fancy Hands.
Fancy Hands provides you with virtual assistants or personal assistant services. It's very inexpensive and very, very fast.

What you do is you pay Fancy Hands a monthly fee, and you get a certain number of requests for that fee. Each request is considered about 20 minutes work. So I think I pay for six requests a month and it costs me $30 a month, so that's $5.00 per request, if I'm not wrong. And if you don't use your requests in a certain month, it's accrued to the following month, so they're not lost.

You can access FancyHands from their website dashboard on your computer, or you can use it on an app on your smartphone, you can call them, or send them an SMS, it's very very convenient.

You can do very simple things, or you can do things that are a little bit more complicated. For example, you could ask somebody to make a reservation at a restaurant for you; or you could set up a conference call through them, and they give you those services.


I use them a lot for two things:

One is I transcribe these short #SWC episodes, they do it for me. It's only one request, and they do it really quickly. I’ll finish recording it now, in the evening, send it off to them, and they'll have it back for me by the time I wake up in the morning! It's fantastic.

The other thing I use it for is for doing market research. For example, I might want to find out about women's leadership conferences. So I'll put in a request that will say, "Please research the 20 women's leadership conferences for 2016 and 2017”. I might set up a Google doc for that, or a Google sheet with the headings, or just tell them what headings to put in the Google sheet, and send it off.
And then, if it will take more than one request to complete ( a request like that would take more than 20 minutes), either I say to them in the initial request to go ahead and use as many as you like, or they automatically will write back and say, "Thank you, I've started this project, but it's going to take more than one request. I think it will take 3-4 requests". Then you have to agree, or not.

The only real minus that I see with this service is that you don't get to choose your assistant, and you can't have the same assistant every time. It's whoever answers the email. First come, first serve. So sometimes the work is done better than other times, but usually, I'm very happy with the service. Lately, I've been using FancyHands a lot, especially for market research.


Here is a link to Fancy Hands: it is an affiliate link, which means two things:

You get 50% off your first month

I will get a couple of extra requests, I think, if you use that.

To try FancyHands and get 50% off the first month click here

So, check them out, see if you like them, let me know.

And that's it for today. So have an awesome week, thanks again to Brooke Davenport for coming onto the program, and go, be strong!


Oct 26, 2016

Mica May is the founder of May Designs and mother of three (including a son with down syndrome.)

Mica founded and is growing a multi-million dollar design and technology company, having started in the customizable notebook business.

In this episode you will learn:

That it’s important not to be afraid to fail. Fail often and fail quick.
You should ask a lot of questions, especially about why something can't’ happen
Delight your team and your customers
We ask what does success mean for you?
What is your best leadership style?
Tell a story about your product, make everyday life more magical
How having fun as part of your brand can be crucial

Mica’s webiste:

Oct 25, 2016

Thank you so much for joining me today. This is a quick, short and practical podcast with tips and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be.

We're in October now, coming up towards the end of the year and we can look at this time of the year in two different ways.

One is that the year is slowing down, we're coming up to the holiday season, Thanksgiving and vacations; people will be away, and you kind of wait to start new projects until the beginning of the year, until January or February. That's one way of looking at things.

The second way of looking at this time of the year is to do something different, and this is what I'm hoping that you're going to choose. This is what I'm doing now in my own mastermind. I set a 90-day goal which ends at mid-January, and I'm working hard on it, I'm not stopping. I will, of course, stop for holiday time but I'm not going to be stopping and lazing around with my goals because I don't want to miss the end of the year. I don't want to wake up and think, "Oh, 2016 just flew past and I didn't get anything done." I don't want to be disappointed as I have been in past years.

So, what I'm thinking for you is I want you to rock these next 90 days. Set a mid-January goal so that it'll take you right over the holiday season, right into the New Year. You'll be able to continue that momentum, and you'll be proud of what you have accomplished.

So split up the next 90 days as I always say into chunks, months, so even though we're mid-October now, you can go to mid-November, mid-December, mid-January. Write this down. It's crucial to write these things down. Split them into chunks of months and then split those months into weeks and make sure you set a weekly goal.

It's important to write them down, and the other thing that's important is for you to talk to somebody else about it. Don't just do it in your own head and kind of try to figure things out. Talk to a friend or talk to your partner or talk to a coach and see if these goals are challenging and realistic. You don't want them to be small because there's no point of that. They shouldn't be too big, if you continuously don't reach your goals it's disappointing and defeating, and you might just give up. That's exactly the opposite of what I'd like to happen.

So, please set up a 90-day plan for yourself. You don't need a whole mastermind for this. It can just be you and a friend and a partner or your coach and write them down, set the end date for mid-January. Get yourself through the holiday season with some energy, and you'll be amazed at the level of productivity that you'll get, and you'll be able to start that New Year with having some inertia, having some positive momentum which is what we want to keep doing.

So that's it for this week. There are no brags this week. It is turning out to be a little bit harder than I originally thought for women to get on to the program and put themselves out there and record a one minute brag. So if you think you've got in you and you've been wanting to do it, please step up. Come on over to the website at, press on that black button on the right that says, "Leave voicemail" and record a one-minute thing that you're proud of, something small that happened that you can share with the rest of us. You will inspire other women, and you will get your own boost of self-confidence; plus you'll be able to share it with other people. So please come on over and share your brags. I can't wait to hear them, and you can also prove to other women that it's not as hard or scary as it seems.

The other thing is with your 90-day plans. You can share them with me at my email, or you can share them in the Facebook group. My email is, and the Facebook group is also The Strong Women's Club. Come and share them, let us know what you're working on. If you're having trouble figuring it out, ask us. Maybe somebody in the group would have a good suggestion for you.

So thank you so much for listening. Have an awesome week. Please send in your brag and go, be strong!

Oct 19, 2016

When Nancy Frates’ son, Pete, was diagnosed with ALS in 2012, she was confused. Pete was a 27-year-old athlete and the only people she’d ever known with this disease were elderly already. Ever since that life-changing moment, she and her family have found their sense of purpose in working tirelessly to raise awareness about ALS and to stimulate funding for research.

Pete Frates inspired the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which quickly became a viral fundraising phenomenon.

Nancy talks to us about her family, the ways her own life has changed, and how the Ice Bucket Challenge was able to raise well over 200 million dollars.

Relevant links and resources:
Nancy Frates’ TED Talk
The ALS Association
Pete Frates’ website:

Oct 18, 2016

Welcome to #SWC #5.

This is a quick short and practical podcast with brags, tips, and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however, big and small they may be.

Today's tool tip is Canva. I know most of you have probably already heard of Canva, but in case you haven't, I thought it would be an injustice if I didn't tell you about it. I use Canva all the time. It's free, simple graphic design software. You can do all of the graphics for your blogs, social media, invitations, and presentations.

You can upload your pictures, or you can use some that they have there for a tiny free.

What's also cool now is they have an app so you can do it all from you iPhone. It's not as convenient as doing it on your desktop or your laptop, but it is possible to do some last minute changes, or if you forgot something on your graphic, you could do it on your phone. You don't have to go back to your office and use your computer.

Their website is

All of the things that I endorse and tell you about on the program are things that I use a lot.

I can't teach you how to use Canva in this 5-minute podcast, but you don't need a lesson, you can try and do it on your own. If you do want some help you can scroll down to the bottom of their webpage, there's a section there called Tutorials where you can learn shortcuts, how to build a branding kit, how to combine colors well, how to use the right font for your message, and a lot more. I do love Canva, and I think that you'll be able to use it well so go ahead and try it out if you haven't already.

Your Strong Women’s Brag!
Jan Bowen is today's bragger! And I just saw on the Women in Tech snapchat channel; they're also doing something that's called Lady Brag. So this is a great trend that we are on, and I don't know if we started it but we're definitely doing it.
Let's hear Jan Bowen, she tells us all about putting herself out there even if you feel a little bit uncomfortable about it, so let's hear it. And then you go and be strong!

"Hi, my name is Jan Bowen, and my big win is that I stretched myself by recording a course that I wrote. It was filmed last week; the course is on intuition which is something I've lived my life according to, but I never taught formally. And I went out on a limb and put together a formal course on it. It was filmed, and the response so far has been phenomenal. I have several sponsors approaching me to host it and I'm submitting various outlines to decide what my best option is in going forward for it. And I couldn't' be happier with the results. So thanks for this forum in being able to talk a little bit about how we put ourselves out there. I love what you do and what you've pulled together as a community. So thanks!"

Oct 12, 2016

Sheena Iyengar is a PhD in social psychology, a Professor at the Columbia Business School (since 1998), a former MIT School of Management faculty member, an author (The Art of Choosing), a TED speaker and more. She researches choice and decision-making and looks into three main ideas choosing, connecting and creating. Sheena is interested in who we are and how we construct ourselves – what choices we make and how we create an authentic being. Her experiments on social network analyses explores the way people build their social circle and how do we make choices about who will be our friends. Dr. Iyengar is fascinated by the power of choice, the power of connections, and the power of creativity and these are the three things she cares most about.

In this episode we talk about:
• How we present ourselves and how do we choose the people in our circles?
• Structure (who you are lumped with at school, work etc.) plays a big role in how we build our social circles. Structures that we are forced into aren’t the best places to meet new friends.
• At networking events people prefer to hang out with people they already know which is kind of contra productive.
• People need to feel an authentic connection to bond. These kinds of scenarios can be reproduced but they feel artificial.
• Can you change people’s choices?
• What makes a person authentic? What does this even mean?
• The correlation between self-disclosure and authenticity and how to getting the balance correct.
• How the present electoral race in the USA reflects decision making and what people base their choices on.
• Why her blindness is not an issue in her research or life and how she figures ways to end her limitations.
• Her present research interests on the connection between authenticity and innovation.

Resources mentioned on the podcast:
Sheena’s book: The Art of Choosing
TED The Art of Choosing
• Dr. Sheena Iyengar’s website:

Oct 11, 2016

This is a quick, short, and practical podcast with tips and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be.

And today we have a brag! This is the first brag, hopefully of many, and I'm so excited to have it here for you today. I am so proud of the woman who got up and had the nerve and just said something great about themselves, and I'm honored that you took the time to do it. A couple of other women have also done it, I'm just going to wait until next week to play the next one.

I'll play one every week. Today's brag is from a wonderful woman in England, and her name is Ruth Smart, she is such a rockstar. So let’s hear her brag, and then we'll talk about it.

“Hi, this is Ruth Smart. Earlier on today I stood up in a meeting at a political conference and asked a question of our Governor Minister, which was a really scary experience, and I probably made a complete mess of it, but I'm really pleased that I put my hand up and asked the question.”

Thank you so much to Ruth Smart for sending in the first ever #SWC brag!
I know some of you have been in similar situations, and I know that I have been, so why do you think it is so hard to get the nerve up to stand up in front of a room of people and simply ask a question or make a statement? It's really difficult to do.

I guess we're afraid that people are looking at us, and we don't want to look silly. We don't want to say something that's not intelligent. Or what will people even think of us? Or why are they even looking at us? If you really break it down to see if that's true, when we look at other people standing up and asking simple questions or making a statement, and that is not what we're thinking about them. We respond to them in a relevant way, according to what they're saying.

I always think of the other side of things. Think of what good will come if you do stand up and you do ask the question or make the simple statement. Others will agree with you or they will disagree with you, and then we have a situation where we have a conversation and you are the thought leader! You are the person who initiated, and people will start turning to you to further discuss it. It's such a simple thing to do. It's a little bit hard, but it's also very worthwhile.

A perfect brag for this week! I'm not going to add any more for this week. I want these episodes to be very very short, and I'm sure with time they will have a more polished format, but for now this is going to be good enough.

I just want to get it out there. It doesn't have to be perfect. I want to present these ideas and give a platform for you, for you to be able to be able to say things that you're proud of and get the confidence. And you are really going to inspire other women, as I'm sure that Ruth has with her simple statement of what she did this week.

I'm very proud of her.

I really want to hear what you have done lately and what you can brag about. So, go on over to the website at There's a black button on the right, it say's "Leave Voicemail", all you have to do is click on it. It's very simple. You have a little bit of time; I think it's up to about 90 seconds for you to record your win. You could listen to yourself afterwards to make sure it sounds like you want it to sound, but don't obsess over it, just record it and send it in and I'll play it just like we did with Ruth Smart's.

Have a wonderful week everybody. This has really made my week. Thank you again, Ruth, you really are inspiring other women to do great things just with that one small gesture. Thank you again, and go and be strong.

Oct 5, 2016

Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus is a frequent speaker about women’s sexual empowerment, couples communication, healthy relationships and body image. Dr. Jenn has an online course about desire, designed for women in long-term relationships.

In today’s podcast, the subject matter is sex. We mention some body parts and sexual acts, all in a respectful and informative way. If you do not want to hear an episode about sex, then skip over this one.


What you’ll hear in the podcast:

How to talk to your older teens about sex

How people prefer not to be in awkward situations, over discussing important subjects

How women managers are more collaborative, men are more likely to take ownership of a group

How critical thinking skills also apply to situations where sex is involved

How shame in sex makes us shut down. There is nothing positive about shame and guilt.

Links and resources:
Dr. Jenn’s website:
Dr. Jenn’s talk on Youtube: Sex & the Price of Masculinity - A Personal Story about Consent Violation
Dr. Jen’’s TEDx talk on Sexuality and Shame
Dr. Jenn’s Youtube channel: In the Den with Dr. Jenn
Dr. Jenn’s e-book: Am I Normal? A Woman’s Guide to Female Sexuality 

Oct 4, 2016

Welcome to #SWC Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Thank you so much for joining me on #SWC. This is a quick, short and practical podcast with tips and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however, big or small they may be.

Remember to record your brag!

Click on the button that says Send Voicemail. Record a short story, something that you're proud of. Let's get used to saying how great we are!

So go ahead and do it!

I'll play it back on the show. You'll inspire other women with your story.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask
We all know, and studies support, what's obvious: women are not promoted, nor are they paid, as much as men. That's a fact. A little while ago I read a book called "Women Don't Ask" by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever, and they talk about this exact subject.

So read it, buy it.

You need to take action to get ahead. Put yourself out there and ask. Here are 5 points that will help you get there:

Tell yourself why you deserve what you're asking for. Mindset is everything here so get your facts in line. Do some research about the market, about your peers, about your own track record. Get those numbers ready, be prepared. Write down where you met and exceeded your goals. Where you earned more for the company, or you saved the company’s resources, you got more clients, or you made more sales. Whatever it is, know your numbers. Have those ready.

Know that getting a raise or getting this promotion will mean that somebody else will not. Whether you like it or not this is a competition, and you're in it to win it. You are not working in a vacuum. You are better than your counterparts, so don't be afraid of stating the facts. However, never ever throw your colleagues under a bus. Don't badmouth. There's no need for it. Don't blame them. But you could be potentially asked in that conversation why you and not somebody else. So know the answer to that question ahead of time.

Expect pushback. Put yourself in your boss's shoes and think about what you would say in their position to somebody asking for a raise or promotion. Again, be prepared.

Practice as if you are going to a job interview. Practice in front of somebody else. If you can't find somebody else, practice in front of your cat or your plant. Just practice a few times and this will help you not forget also what you want to say. You know even, along the lines of forgetting, it's legitimate to take in a piece of paper with notes on it for you to look at and be sure you don't forget something important. That's also perfectly fine. But go ahead and practice.

How are you going to feel if you don't ask? Are you going to resent your workplace? Are you going to resent the other people that did ask and did get what they wanted? If you really believe that you're worth more than what you're getting, go ask for it. Your job satisfaction depends on it.

If you don't ask, you will never get. Nobody is going to volunteer to give you more money just from the good of their hearts. Not usually. Go ask!

Thank you for joining me on #SWC and remember: GO BE STRONG!


Sep 28, 2016

Carol Cox is a Democratic Party TV analyst in Florida.  She also helps women create their signature talks and to brand themselves.

In this episode you will learn:
How you must have the right network and a great platform
How women must become role models for other women
How you need to speak a lot to get good results
How you need to personalize your talks according to your audience
How women in office advocate for women’s issues and legislation
How your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what others perceive

Links mentioned in the podcast:
Carol’s site: Speaking Your Brand
Gift for The Strong Women’s Club listeners! 


Sep 27, 2016

Bring on your brag!

Click on the black button here on the right side of the page. Record a short story of something you’re proud of, something brag-worthy, no matter how small.

We need to get used to thinking how great we are!

So think of something that you’ve done that you’re proud of.

Maybe getting the kids to school on time every day this week.

Maybe you had houseguests at the same time.

Maybe you handed in your first assignment for the PhD you’re working on.
Anything big or small, let’s hear your brags! I’ll play them on the following #SWC episode. You will inspire other women with your wins!

Now for today’s tool tip!

Today’s tool is something that I have used for a long time, and I have recommended to the Strong Women’s Club private Facebook group.
The tool is called Workflowy, and their tag line is: Organize Your Brain (wouldn’t that be awesome?)

To try Workflowy, click here

Workflowy is a super-simple web app, and also an app on your smart phone which sync automatically. You don’t have to do anything, so if you’re working on your phone it will turn up on your computer and vice versa. Magic!

What it is Workflowy? It’s a bulleted list that you can use any way you wish. It’s telescopic, meaning you can go deeper and deeper into each bullet. You can turn any bullet into a new page and then that page would go even deeper in that list.
It’s a very simple program, no bells and whistles. The page is white, it’s clear, and it’s free.

On the first page you could write general titles, for example: blog posts, groceries, or vacation planning. Then under each bullet you can indent.

Each Bullet can also become a whole new page. You can then cross them off, you can share them, or delete. Very simple, very straight forward. I’ve started organizing everything on Workflowy.

Try Workflowy, click here

If you click on the links here, you get an extra 250 bullets for free, and so do I ☺

Thanks very much everybody for listening.

Don’t forget to record your brags!!

I think we are all going to love hearing each other and being inspired by each other’s small wins. And we will get to hear your voices, and meet you. Introduce yourself and tell your brag. It’s quick and easy. Don’t obsess about it just do it.

Have a really great day everybody and stay strong!

Sep 21, 2016

Ann Mahoney, who you know as Olivia in The Walking Dead, is an actress, director, author, teacher and mom. Ann knew from a very young age that acting will be her career, and has worked and studied hard to reach her present status.
Ann has written and spoken against how women are usually portrayed in media, which we also discuss in today’s show.
Ann also gives us a few tips on how to deal with nervousness before giving presentations or getting on stage, and how it’s important to keep your sense of wonder despite rejections and disappointments.

Ann is in a new TV series playing Gladys Presley starting in March 2017, and is also in a new movie entitled Same Kind of Different As Me, which also stars Renee Zellweger and John Voight.

Links and resources mentioned:
Ann Mahoney’s website
The Walking Dead: Season 7 - starts October 23rd 
Million Dollar Quartet Country - new TV series coming in March 2017 
Same Kind of Different As Me - New movie coming in February 2017 
Picture It

Sep 14, 2016

Tzameret Fuerst inspires audiences globally with her unique entrepreneurial journey in Africa, sharing how she was able to take a big idea and transform it into a global commercial and impactful reality, despite multiple roadblocks along the way.

In every challenge that Tzameret has accepted, she has faced it in a massive way to have huge impact.


In the podcast you will learn:

About Tzameret’s work and about the strategic mindset that powers it to be able to be scaled on a global level.

About how thinking small and thinking big take exactly the same amount of time, so go ahead and reach for the stars!

How you should dream big, and surround yourself with people who enable you to do it.

How being in your 40’s can be totally awesome!

How being an entrepreneur is hard, really hard, and you need to stick with it.

How you should concentrate on what you’re good at.

Tzameret is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Circ MedTech, developers of PrePex, a device that is helping the fight against AIDS in Africa, with a non-surgical procedure for adult male circumcision that markedly reduces the chances of contracting HIV.

Links mentioned in the podcast:
Tzameret presenting before a live audience of 13,000 in Washington DC
Tzameret’s TEDx talk about loneliness among the elderly
Tzameret Fuerst on LinkedIn


Sep 7, 2016

Margaret Schlachter was the first female professional athlete in the sport of obstacle course racing when she turned pro in 2012. She tells us how she started, and what made her continue even though she couldn’t finish her first race due to extreme hypothermia.

Margaret’s website Dirt In Your Skirt was the first online space for women in obstacle racing.

She has written for and been featured in Self, Shape, Trailrunner Magazine and many other media outlets as an expert in the sport of Obstacle & Extreme Racing.

Margaret is now Editor-in-Chief for Mud Run, the largest website in the world for obstacle racing. She hosts a weekly podcast called Dirt in Your Skirt - The Podcast, works with a select group of clients and continues to provide consultations and consulting to athletes and race organizations.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Margaret’s book: Obstacle Race Training: How to Beat Any Course, Compete Like a Champion and Change Your Life
Alan Watts: The Way of Zen
Tough Mudder
Margaret’s website:

Rate and Review:
If you have a couple of minutes, it would be really nice of you to leave an honest rating and review on iTunes. It will help other women like you to find the program and for it to get noticed a little more.

Sep 2, 2016

We have something new on the Strong Woman's Club, it's called #SWC, and today is the first episode! They are going to be small mini episodes between our regular episodes with guest interviews.

I will be talking about tools and tips,things that I would like to teach and things I feel that are important to talk about. The impetuous for starting this week is that I have an important birthday, important to me. I'll be 50 and I never thought it was going to affect me in any way, but it is.

I want to share with you a few things.

One is that I have organized for myself a big birthday party and I am going to tell you why.

Mainly, it is because I love celebrations, but this time I feel like it's a good reason to celebrate.

I feel good, I am really healthy, and my children are all doing very well.

I am in love with my husband.

I am starting to do a lot of things that are exciting to me and I have this bubbling enthusiasm not very deep under the surface, and I want to dance about it!

I want to have fun!

Another reason is that two years ago when it was my husband Eyal’s 50th birthday, we couldn't celebrate. We couldn't celebrate because there was a war in Israel that summer and there was really nothing to celebrate about. And we didn't, we just didn't. Now it is a whole different year, whole different time, and everybody feels good and why not?

I heard on another podcast a couple of days ago where they said, "the good ole days are now". That is so true!

They are now, so when you look back on the good ole days, why look back? Why not enjoy it right now? Pay attention to how we are feeling. I like to appreciate what I have and I do really have a lot.

So I am having a big party at the house. It's just drinking and dancing and not much food. A lot of friends, probably close to 70 or 80 or 90 people, I don't even know. I unintentionally put a public event invitation on Facebook, so hopefully I will get a lot of friends coming and not a ton of people that I don't know. I don't really care, I just want to have lots and lots of dancing. It’s a 60's party, everyone is going to come dressed up as hippies and I am kind of excited, as you can tell.

So this is what's new in the podcast. It's not usually going to be about me, it's going to be tools and things that I can teach you.

Today's message is to enjoy life. Appreciate the good parts, make a big deal about the small things that are good.
I wanted to say, "live life to the fullest," but that's kind of big and grandiose.
The message is more, "pay attention to the beautiful moments."

I often say that to my kids. That this life is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing, that time is not going to come back. Use it well, appreciate it and learn from it.
Do it now, do something now. If you have a chance to do it, just go ahead and do it. Don't over think things, enjoy!

One of the things that I appreciate very much is you, my friends who listen to the podcast. I also appreciate the work that the women who are my guests do, and that I get the honor of having them here, highlighting the work that they do and being able to talk to them.

So, I want to say thank you to my listeners and to my guests and let you know that I really truly appreciate you.

I hope you enjoy these mini versions of the podcast. I am going to try and do them weekly, but if not, I will do them as often as I can. They are called #SWC, and will be tips and tricks and tools. Or something like that. I haven't polished the name yet, but it doesn't matter. It will be small pearls of wisdom from me and hopefully will be useful, something that you can use.

Thank you again, this podcast would be nothing without my guests and without my listeners, and without my editors, and I really do appreciate you. So everybody have a really great day, all of us, and stay strong!


Aug 31, 2016

Crystal Arredondo is the Immediate Past Chairwoman for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and currently chairs the NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development.

NAWBO is the leading non-partisan, non-profit association for women business owners founded in 1975. In its 41 year history, Crystal was the first woman under 40 to lead the organization.

Crystal also has her own business in Dallas called MPACT Financial Group, which was ranked as one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc500 in 2013 and Inc5000 in 2016.

Links mentioned on the program:

Crystal’s financial planning company MPACT
National Association of Women Business Owners
2016 National Women’s Business Conference

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Aug 24, 2016

Natalie Sisson is a Freedomist, a word she invented to describe how she does business to support the lifestyle she wants. Natalie has lived in 69 places up till now, exploring, playing Ultimate Frisbee, surfing, going to conferences and taking her very successful business with her.

Natalie teaches others how to choose their own Freedom Lifestyle and then how to go get it!

In this episode you’ll hear about:
• The virtue of being organized, detailed and knowing your intentions (setting priorities and seeing them through by being clear).
• What the ‘nomad’ lifestyle can offer and the challenges being an opportunity for growth.
• Asking what you want from life – really, why not ask?
• The Freedom Plan – learn from Natalie, in a comprehensive program, how you can apply her ideas to your own life and get some of what she has and you deserve.
• Working on your mindset, your business model and lifestyle (what do you want for yourself?)

Links mentioned:
Freedom labs
Wherever I Lay My Hat Lyrics
Natalie's TEDx Talk 

Where to find Natalie:
Suitcase Entrepreneur (Natalie’s website)
Natalie’s Twitter 

Aug 17, 2016

Justine Hardy is a trauma psychologist and author, having worked in South Asia for more than 25 years. Justine shares with us her journey, taking us to Kashmir’s war zone, England and the United States – all places where she has treated people in need. She established Healing Kashmir, a center that helps people in this war torn area deal with their trauma, fear and anxiety. In the UK, Justine works in hospitals with patients immediately after they have a failed suicide attempt.

The story she tells is not easy but it is uplifting and leaves you feeling that there is hope and ways to heal.

In this episode we talk about:
• The stigma of mental health and suicide and the help available
• Her own PTSD experience from being long periods in Kashmir and how she learned to understand what she was experiencing and knowing she could deal with it
• The role of women as the keepers of ‘normal life’ and how they are the holders of the “fabric of society” despite their own traumas
• How we can function even when we suffer from anxiety or live in high anxiety conditions
• Shifting from the curative approach to the preventive approach where we can understand our own minds and how to deal with changes in our feelings and moods
• How we need to know that love of ourselves and others is the way to happiness

Links mentioned:
Healing Kashmir
Justine’s Website

Aug 10, 2016

Patricia Walsh will be competing in the first ever Paralympic Triathlon!

Patricia tells the story of her blindness and accomplishments on this week’s podcast. She explains how through sport she was able to get out of a deep depression, continue to university and competitive running. Patricia had multiple mountains to overcome, including her parent’s divorce, isolation in her blindness and being told that she must give up on her intellectual dreams.

You’ll hear the surprising details of how she ran marathons without a partner, learned to swim at a very late age despite having panic attacks and how her fist attempt at a triathlon was a half-ironman!

Patricia is a sought-after public speaker and author, and gives seminars on motivation, overcoming obstacles and creating a winning mindset.

Good luck Patricia at the 2016 Rio Olympics!! We are rooting for you!!


Links mentioned in this podcast:
• Patricia’s website 
• Patricia’s book: Blind Ambition: How to Envision Your Limitless Potential and Achieve the Success You Want
Triathlon Summer Paralympics Rio 2016
US Association for Blind Athletes –Two Are Better Than One -
Patricia’s Talk
Patricia Walsh Ironman Triathlete: Operation Nice
Jessica Jones Meyers (Patricia’s Triathlete Partner)

Aug 3, 2016

Therese Hughes had a kidney transplant 19 years ago and it changed her life.
Therese is a photographer and a writer from California.
Her exhibition is entitled “In a Heartbeat”, where she shows photographs and tells the stories of American women veterans from WWII up until today.

In the podcast you will hear:
How Therese’s family never spoke about her mom being in the US Navy
How Therese discovered her own family history after both of her parents passed
How Therese celebrates two birthdays: the day she was born and the day she got her kidney transplant
How she now sees the world differently
How women in the military don’t have a voice, never received honors, are not recognized
How women who might look unremarkable have remarkable lives and stories to tell
Why women chose to serve their country
If, given another chance, would these women do it again??

Women in the military see themselves as peacekeepers.
Therese Hughes is celebrating these women with her exhibition and book.

Resources mentioned in today’s podcast:

You can find Therese, learn more about her work and write to her on her Facebook community page:

Military Women: WWII to Present Project
Therese Agnes Hughes’s LinkedIn page
Navy Times
The United State of Women
African American Women from the Six Triple A Battalion
Women in International Security
Ceremonial Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery - The site for the Women's Memorial
In a Heartbeat: Military Women: WWII to Present Project
Therese Hughe’s Blog

Thank you for listening,
Have a really great day,
And Stay Strong!


Jul 27, 2016

Noelle Duncan is a recording artist, songwriter, and performer. She has also worked at Women’s Audio Mission for 5 years and before that as a marketing professional and copywriter for various nonprofit organizations such as Women Impacting Public Policy and Aorta Magazine. Noelle started interning at WAM in 2010 and was hired in 2011 and is now a Development and Communications Associate and instructor in electronic music production at WAM.

“In a field where women are chronically under-represented (less than 5%), WAM seeks to "change the face of sound" by providing hands-on training, experience, career counseling and job placement to women and girls in media technology for music, radio, film, television and the internet.”

In this episode you will learn:
• That Noelle is a music producer/song writer in her own right and loves teaching women to use technology. She loves empowering women/girls with tech. music knowledge.
• WAM (est. 2003) is a one of a kind nonprofit project that gives women the tools to learn and work in a male dominated industry
• Also the only built and run by women recording studio in the world
• Have an online audio training option - on Sound Channel with over 7,000 students from 93 countries (all gender). This course is also part of several College sound curriculums.
• Community events include adults and youth programs are free and serve over 850 girls in the Bay area yearly, funded by philanthropy and corporate sponsors.
• They have a project for girls to create their own podcasts - to really talk about things that matter to them, they have the ability, using technology, to reach a global audience - and WAM gives them the tools to do this.
• Also host community events such as the Local Sirens: Women in Music Festival, a free, quarterly performance series featuring incredible local women musicians and performers in neighborhood venues.
• Annually they go to the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention which is 95% men – they are the only women’s organization there.
• There is a link between the ways women are socialized around technology and to fear it – this is a barrier to gaining skills to produce content.
• There are also economic barriers to accessing creative technology tools.

Noelle’s advice to young women:
Be persistent and don’t be afraid of technology! It is a tool to get your ideas across.


Resources mentioned in the show:
Women’s Audio Mission
Sound Channel
Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention

Thank you so much for listening,
Have a really great day,
And Stay Strong!!

Jul 20, 2016

Dr. Judith Coche, owner and founder of the Coche Center in Philadelphia. She is a nationally recognized expert on intimate relationships and has been on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Oprah, talking about her work.

In our conversation Judith talks about how:
--Women combine logic with intuition
--It’s very hard not to change when you’re in a group
--People can be committed to making changes in their lives, but have trouble doing it alone
--Groups create support and provide a foundation so that people can live optimal lives
--To love is the greatest human need
--Good self-care is the key so we need to take care of ourselves first

Plus a lot more!

Links and resources mentioned in the podcast:

-Can This Marriage Be Saved, cover story of New York Times Magazine, by Laurie Abraham 

--Coche Center

--The Power of Love: Judith’s TEDx talk 

--Judith’s books 

Be sure to take care of yourself first!
Your homework for this week is to do something you don’t usually do to take care of yourself. And then tell me what you did!

Tell me here:
Twitter @edieberg
Snapchat: edieberg

Can’t wait to hear all about it!
Thank you for listening,
Have a really great day,
And stay strong!!

Jul 13, 2016

Blair Braverman left her home and family in California to find her life in the north. She's a talented author, adventurer, dogsled racer, and a fulfiller of her own dreams. Blair fought and won struggles to succeed in a male-dominated world, but it wasn't always easy.

Blair's website:, where you can read excerpts of the stories she's written.

Blair's new book: Welcome to the Goddam Ice Cube comes out July 2016, published by Ecco/HarperCollins.

Read it!
And welcome to the world Buffy and her brothers and sisters!

Jul 6, 2016

Heidi Basch-Harod is the Executive Director of Women’s Voices Now, which promotes the free expression of women’s struggles for civil, economic, political and gender rights worldwide. WVN accomplishes this by providing free online platforms for film, art, writing, and social-media activism. Watch the short movies for free on the website at

Heidi knew she wanted to be an activist ever since she was 10 years old and heard her grandfather’s stories and advice after having survived the holocaust.
Heidi has gathered women’s stories and experiences from all over the world, and is devoting her work to giving these women a platform and a voice.

Jun 29, 2016

When the opportunity arose to have a real conversation with my daughter, Maya, and record it for the Strong Women's Club I grabbed it! Wouldn't you??

We talk about her work in the Israeli army, growing up with three brothers, how our divorce affected her, gender equality and more.

What does it mean for her, and others her age, to be a strong woman?
Do they even need to think about it, or can they take being treated equally for granted?

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