The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, women entrepreneurs.

Edie Berg speaks with experts about the business side of the fitness industry, how to grow your fitness business, and how businesses and corporations can use health and wellness to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Edie interviews women leaders who use health and fitness as tools for success. Currently, the Strong Women's Club is in Season 3 of production.
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The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, women entrepreneurs.



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May 31, 2017

Are you one of those people who love the thought of working from home, but when you try you get too distracted?

Are you feeling burnt out from your day-to-day stress, but there seems to be no end in sight?

Dr. Michal Biron is the Head of the MBA program at the University of Haifa, and her research centers around these questions, plus other daily predicaments that career women face.

In this episode you will learn:
How to battle burn-out in your team and in yourself
How to setup a home office that you can actually work in
How gender inequality affects the pay levels of both dominant and pleasant women, but each type of woman deals with this differently

Michal’s articles have appeared in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Human Relations, and International Journal of Human Resource Management, among others.

May 24, 2017

If you want to be a great manager, you need to get the job done efficiently and done well.

But how do you inspire your team members and employees to work harmoniously together, trust each other, set the right goals, and be fulfilled enough to stay with you and not move on to their next challenge?

Today’s guest has spent the better part of her career researching these questions, and we discuss the answers on the podcast.

Israel Prize Winner Professor Miriam Erez is the Chair of the Knowledge Center for Innovation in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion in Israel.

Dr. Erez’s research has evolved around three major topics:Innovation
Cross-cultural behaviour
Work motivation

On the podcast you will learn:
That you must create an environment that spurs creativity
How to quickly develop a trusting atmosphere
That you must promote ownership and accountability
How to provide the motivation to innovate
What type of feedback is effective and not detrimental
What shared leadership is
How you must lead people from different cultures differently
How team participation in goal setting is crucial in some cultures and weak in others


May 17, 2017

What was initially the spontaneous question of “What can I do with my old bras?” led to the creation of Support the Girls. By chance, Dana’s inquiry led to her thirst of knowledge to learn that bras and feminine hygiene products are rarely donated to those most in need: homeless women and girls.

To date, Support the Girls has donated over 90,000 bras and over 401,000 feminine hygiene products to women across the world. Dana has spearheaded the initiative, and led the charge to the creation of Support the Girls affiliates throughout the United States. The movement has tremendous momentum, and Dana’s efforts have been showcased in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, The Today Show, Kveller, NationSwell, and many more.

Dana knew how to take advantage of a surprising opportunity and turn it into a global social enterprise.

Takeaways and resources from this episode:

Keep an open mind and an open heart for new opportunities that can change your life
Luck comes to those who work hard

You can be an expert in a field that one year ago you knew nothing about

Dana’s company:

Support the Girls:

May 10, 2017

Jean Trounstine is an activist and author whose 6th book is Boy With A Knife: A Story of Murder, Remorse, and a Prisoner’s Fight for Justice (IG Publishing April, 2016). It explores the true crime story of Karter Kane Reed and the injustice of sentencing juveniles to adult prisons.

Jean worked at Framingham Women’s Prison for ten years where she directed eight plays with prisoners. Her book about that work, Shakespeare Behind Bars: The Power of Drama in a Women’s Prison has been featured on NPR, and now on this program too!

In addition, she has spoken around the world on women in prison, co-founded the women’s branch of Changing Lives Through Literature, an award-winning alternative sentencing program featured in The New York Times and on The Today Show, and co-authored two books about the program.


May 9, 2017

Are you a role model?

Who is your role model?

What are the characteristics you are looking for in your role model?

These are the traits I hope to have to be an inspiring and effective role model to others:

Not afraid to speak up for what you think is right
Be yourself
People can identify with her
Somebody you can learn from
Be able to take on new challenges
Inspire others to follow their dreams
Wise women
Not self-conscious
Doesn’t care about what others think of her
Those that help you progress to the path you want

May 3, 2017

The Silver Platter by Natan Alterman

In today’s episode, I talk about the stark transition between Yom Ha’Zicharon and Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

I discuss the meaning and origin of the popular expression in Hebrew: Magash Hakesef.

The following is the original poem by Natan Alterman.

The Silver Platter

And the land grows still, the red eye of the sky slowly dimming over smoking frontiers

As the nation arises, Torn at heart but breathing, To receive its miracle, the only miracle

As the ceremony draws near, it will rise, standing erect in the moonlight in terror and joy

When across from it will step out a youth and a lass and slowly march toward the nation

Dressed in battle gear, dirty, Shoes heavy with grime, they ascend the path quietly

To change garb, to wipe their brow
They have not yet found time. Still bone weary from days and from nights in the field

Full of endless fatigue and unrested,
Yet the dew of their youth. Is still seen on their head
Thus they stand at attention, giving no sign of life or death

Then a nation in tears and amazement
will ask: "Who are you?"
And they will answer quietly, "We Are the silver platter on which the Jewish state was given."

Thus they will say and fall back in shadows
And the rest will be told In the chronicles of Israel

Rani Jaeger from the Shalom Hartman Institute
Donniel Hartman
Barbra Streisand singing Hatikva for Israel’s 30th birthday in 1978