The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, women entrepreneurs.

Edie Berg speaks with experts about the business side of the fitness industry, how to grow your fitness business, and how businesses and corporations can use health and wellness to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Edie interviews women leaders who use health and fitness as tools for success. Currently, the Strong Women's Club is in Season 3 of production.
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The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, women entrepreneurs.



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Dec 28, 2016

Today we have women representing different aspects of the Boca Raton Jewish community.

And they are, in order of appearance on the podcast:
• Lottie Nilsen: Director of Community Development for the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach Country; and manager of the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation’s scholarships and grants
• Shayndel Plotkin: Executive Director of Liumi, and the leader of this trip
• Helena Levine: Head of School at the Donna Klein Jewish Academy, in Boca Raton, Florida
• Aliza Bar Chaim: Psychologist and mental health specialist
• Linda Behmoiras: Publisher and Founder of the Boca Raton Observer
• Maryanne Altschule: Social worker and psychotherapist

Topics discusses in this episode:
• How women want to make a change in the world and in their communities
• How emotional health is vital
• How good relationships need to be taught and modeled
• How women want to liase between business, philanthropy, and their passions
• How women must feel empowered to do well
• How we are working to build bridges and partnerships with women all over the world.
• How most women tend to go through the same things in their lives

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:
Liumi Israel

The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County
Donna Klein Jewish Academy
The Boca Raton Observer
The Wexner Heritage Program
• The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning 


Dec 20, 2016

This week we don’t have a brag for you. But don’t be disappointed, be the one to submit the next brag and give us all the motivation each and every go-getter woman wants. Just leave us a voicemail, it’s simple and easy: click the black button on the right that says, ‘leave a voicemail’. In a quick message, tell us who you are and what you recently did that deserves that virtual high five. Be proud and share!

Lately, I’ve been hinting a lot about new things I’m up to, so it’s about time I told you all face to face, or at least ear to face, or ear to mouth, or rather mouth to ear, or whatever!....

The Strong Women’s Club is making a change. As you know, if you’ve been listening to this program for a while, I live in Israel, and yes, I am Jewish.I’ve lived all over the world, but Israel has been home for over 25 years. How I made that decision is a long story which I'll tell on another podcast episode, but what’s important to share here, is that it was my choice. It is a crazy country. And I love every moment of living here.

So yes, I am a Jewish woman living in Israel. And after focusing my podcast on strong women around the world, I want to talk more about Israel and the strong women building this country. From the financial world to startups and social activists, my goal is to provide you with even more content, Facebook live videos, videos highlighting these women and their businesses, missions, and goals.

I also want to focus on strong Jewish women around the world. I want to learn about each of you, your strengths, how you succeeded despite challenges, your journey and where you are going next. And when I say Jewish women, I mean all of you-- secular, orthodox, whatever label or non-label you are. Your voice will give us strength.

This is a chance to learn, gain wisdom, build a community and support each other, wherever you are. And while we are building each other up, I will continue to boast about my homeland and her achievements. I want you to hear about Israel, from me, a Jewish secular strong and empowered woman.

If that wasn’t a big enough change for you, here’s another one that I hope you will join me in! I am producing a virtual online conference for Jewish women, called, (drum roll please): The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit.

We are just at the beginning of our journey, building the team of women that will help me create the conference, finding the perfect speakers and sponsors who believe in our message and mission. We are building the website now, and hope to share it with you next week. The conference will be in the first quarter of 2017. So when the page goes up, you should sign up and share with your friends around the world. The conference is free and will give you the opportunity to network, find your motivation, personal growth, watch and hear from dozens of empowered strong Jewish women from all over the world and different careers and backgrounds.

Are you someone that wants to speak, be interviewed or share her success story? No travel required, it’s all online. And if you have an idea for the conference, a recommendation, or want to take part, supporting our mission or participating, write me at

For those of you interested in sponsoring, we have a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

This is a great chance to get in front of thousands of Jewish women and make your advertising mark while supporting us.

We are stronger together!

Dec 14, 2016

Elisa Parker is a talk radio host, a speaker and a visionary for women.

Elisa is the co-founder, president & host of the award winning program, See Jane Do.
She is also the co-founder & director of the Passion into Action Women’s Conference, WonderLove, TEDx Grass Valley, Raising Jane and the See Jane Do Media Lounge.

Elisa is very insightful, with many pearls of wisdom, some of which are:
Collaborate with other women Take action! Make a declaration to the world and be outrageous with it!

Look at your strengths and talents, and find out what lights you up!

Be curious

Never disregard the potential that you have

If you don’t ask, the answer is always “No”.....

You can find Elisa and the what she’s working on at

Dec 13, 2016

This is a quick, short and practical podcast with your brags, plus tips and tools to help you be inspired, know that you are not alone, and to set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be!

Today’s awesome brag is from Lori Jill Isenstadt who has a lot to be proud of!

Lori’s company is called All About Breastfeeding, which you can find at
So please check out her website, if you know somebody who just had a baby, or is about to give birth, Lori would be the right person to refer them to .

Now on to today’s tip: keep it simple!!

I love tech! I love new apps, I love new software, I love software updates, new hardware, new phones, new computers, all of it! I don’t get everything when it comes out, but mainly because then we wouldn’t have anything to eat at home, I’d have spent all my money on the latest Parrot Drone, or amazing earphones, or gorgeous new iMacs, or whatever.

I also like to research everything I use very thoroughly. If I need new project management software, for example, like I do now, then I’ll read and practise on the three leading tools so that I can make an informed choice based on my true needs, and not on only on somebody elses recommendation, which is a good starting point, but their needs are not identical to my needs, so I really only rely on myself for things like that.

But, and here is where keeping things simple comes into play: I will always choose only the most practical and simple solution for what me and my team need.

The best example of this is the Google suite of products. I’m talking about Google Docs, Google sheets, and Google calendars, mainly.

On my computer I have both Microsoft Excel and Apple’s numbers. I also have Microsoft Word, plus a great, but really complicated writing software program called Scrivener.

But I don’t use any of these. I always use a Google sheet, or a Google Doc, so that I can easily share them with my team, we can all edit them in real time, if we want, the docs or sheets are saved automatically, and I can access them quickly from any computer anywhere, including my wonderful mobile phone, which is my lovely best friend.

What can be smarter or more simple than that?

So it’s true, they may not have all of the features that their counterparts have, but I’m not doing extra heavy weight spreadsheets, and I’m not writing a novel either. I’m running a small business, and my home for that matter, and keeping it simple keeps me sane and organized.

Organization is the key here. Some of us are born organized, and for others it’s a struggle that takes lots of extra effort. On your team, you will have both types of people, both types of personalities.

So for them, and for you, keep things simple!!

That’s it for now!
Thank you so much for joining me for #SWC
Have a really awesome week!

Dec 7, 2016

Simone Anderson has an amazingly inspirational story. She underwent gastric sleeve stomach surgery and lost over 90 kg/200lbs in 11 months then went on to have a number of plastic surgery operations in order to remove lose skin and has fantastic YouTube videos documenting her progress and journey.

Simone chooses to share her story widely over the internet so that others will know exactly what is involved when undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.
She never let cyber bullies get the better of her, although they tried.

Listen to Simone Anderson’s story and you will hear grace and determination that is truly inspiring.