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Join the Strong Women’s Club where Edie Berg interviews successful Jewish women who share the behind-the-scenes personal sides of their stories. Jewish women leaders whose life stories are fascinating, inspiring and will make you proud that you, too, are a member of The Strong Women’s Club. In the Strong Women’s Club, you will hear Jewish women talk about how they reached where they are today, and you will relate to their struggles, their small daily difficulties that sometimes feel insurmountable, and learn straight from one of our own members how they are able to reach their goals.
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The Strong Women’s Club: Jewish women's stories, Jewish women entrepreneurs, Jewish women leaders, Jewish women in business, sports, and science



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Jan 27, 2016

Felicity Aston is the first and only woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone.
And now she wants to invite you to go on an expedition to the North Pole in 2017!

Need more info?

It’s all in the podcast, plus:

• How to be mentally strong
• How being stubborn is a great characteristic
• How you should make daily progress, no matter how small

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And Stay Strong!

Jan 20, 2016

Dr. Sheila Ochugboju was born to a community of strong women in Nigeria.

In this episode you will hear:
• How you must embrace any opportunity you are give fully!!
• How you should not fear your own power!
• How you do not have to be an expert to do high-level things!

From the ages 5-9 Sheila was raised by the community, while her parents were overseas studying and working. Sheila then joined her mother in England… HUGE culture shock!!
But, she did, and did it fabulously!
Sheila studied Biochemistry in London University, completed her Ph.D research at age 25 and went on to study Baculoviruses as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Oxford University.

Sheila launched TEDx Nairobi, is a senior TED fellow, and is now a science communicator, and works for the United Nations Settlements Programme – UN-Habitat, coordinating the Global State Of Urban Youth Report (GSUYR).

You can find Sheila’s TED Fellow bio here:

Sheila at the Training Center in Communication here:

Jan 13, 2016

Sally Becker saved many children’s lives in the Balkan war.
That’s the short story, which she tells humbly and inspiringly on today’s show.

Sally Says:
“You never know what you’re capable of until you give yourself a chance”

Sally writes about her experiences in her book: Sunflowers and Snipers: Saving Children in the Balkan War.
Sally is an artist and writer, lives in the south east of England with her daughter.
Her work rescuing innocent victims of war has been recognised with many awards, including:
• The Unsung Heroes Award
• The Ross McWhirter Award for Bravery
• The Variety Club Award
• Woman of the Year, Blue Drop Group Sicily

Sally is a Goodwill Ambassador for Children of Peace, a non-partisan charity dedicated to building friendship, trust and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children.
Sally featured in the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, carrying the Olympic Flag with a host of other dignitaries.

Sally’s websites:

Jan 6, 2016

Shannon Moss is a well-known journalist,and was a TV news anchor in Maine for 6 years, and in TV in Maine for 15 years.

Shannon is involved in all sorts of projects, she is now the owner of Code Gratitude, a company dedicated to showing appreciation to those who serve us every day by offering special deals and discounts from local businesses. connects supportive businesses with the men and women in Law enforcement, Fire, EMS and Military.

You can find Shannon at:

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