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Join the Strong Women’s Club where Edie Berg interviews successful Jewish women who share the behind-the-scenes personal sides of their stories. Jewish women leaders whose life stories are fascinating, inspiring and will make you proud that you, too, are a member of The Strong Women’s Club. In the Strong Women’s Club, you will hear Jewish women talk about how they reached where they are today, and you will relate to their struggles, their small daily difficulties that sometimes feel insurmountable, and learn straight from one of our own members how they are able to reach their goals.
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The Strong Women’s Club: Jewish women's stories, Jewish women entrepreneurs, Jewish women leaders, Jewish women in business, sports, and science



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Dec 30, 2015

Iman Oubou is the current Miss New York US, an entrepreneur, a scientist, and a leader for young ambitious women.

Iman teaches us about changing our stereotypical thoughts, about how women can and should support each other.

Iman’s advice to other women is:
“Don’t forget who you are”


“Find your own purpose, and stick with it!”

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Dec 23, 2015

Dr Kathleen Yep is a professor of Asian American studies, with a strong base in feminist philosophies.

In this episode you’ll hear:
How stories matter, they come in many forms, and can have impact in many different ways
How your small stories can have relevance for others
How you should be bold, and be humble, at the same time
How you need to learn to speak up for yourself and believe in your own project

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Dec 16, 2015

Lauren Carson is a straight-shooting, unapologetic, says-it-as-it-is, woman, and I’m honored to have been able to speak to her briefly this week.

Lauren is serving her first term as State Representative for Newport, RI House District 75.

Prior she was a multiple small business owner.

Now, Lauren is concentrating her efforts on the economic impact of flooding and sea rise, particularly in the district she represents, Newport, Rhode Island.
In this episode you’ll hear:
• How age is immaterial. It is never too late to do what you believe in!
• How everyone needs a mentor
• How you can learn from teaching
and more….

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Dec 9, 2015

Margaux Alvarez placed 9th in last year’s Crossfit Games. And Team USA just won the 2015 Reebok Crossfit Invitational in Madrid, Spain!
She has only been crossfitting since 2011, and I had a lot of practical questions to ask her!

In this episode you will hear:
• How many hours per day Margaux trains
• That her coach, Alex, is her husband, and how they keep it together
• The huge amount of food Margaux needs to consume every day
• How she keeps her motivation high
• What she does to prevent injuries
And a lot more!

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Dec 2, 2015

Nellie Akalp is the founder & CEO of, an online legal document filing service, where she helps entrepreneurs start, grow and maintain a business. Her last company was acquired by Intuit in 2005. Nellie is a contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and Mashable and is a regular guest expert on the Fox Small Business Center. She was named a Top 100 Small Business Influencer in 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Small Business Trends.

In this episode of The Strong Women’s Club podcast you’ll hear:
• How you must do what you love
• How if you are passionate about something, and you are solving a problem, you should start there, then work backwards
• How Nellie writes and talks about the panic attack that saved her business
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