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Join the Strong Women’s Club where Edie Berg interviews successful Jewish women who share the behind-the-scenes personal sides of their stories. Jewish women leaders whose life stories are fascinating, inspiring and will make you proud that you, too, are a member of The Strong Women’s Club. In the Strong Women’s Club, you will hear Jewish women talk about how they reached where they are today, and you will relate to their struggles, their small daily difficulties that sometimes feel insurmountable, and learn straight from one of our own members how they are able to reach their goals.
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The Strong Women’s Club: Jewish women's stories, Jewish women entrepreneurs, Jewish women leaders, Jewish women in business, sports, and science



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Oct 28, 2015

Kim Ades has built a large coaching platform and process which centers around daily journaling. She also has 5 children !

In this episode you will learn how:

Successful business people have a high degree of emotional resilience
Emotion comes from a way of thinking, and not necessarily from what’s actually occurring

You can apply this to your home life as well

Demonstrating how you manage yourself well, and role modelling influences your children

We need to identify the beliefs that are standing in the way of a person’s success

Plus many more insights

Kim’s website is:

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Have a great day and stay strong!

Oct 21, 2015

Rebecca Rachmany is the founder and CEO of Gangly SIster, which is creating digital comics, video and apps that encourage and inspire girls to pursue career paths in tech and entrepreneurship.

Purple and Nine is launching this week!! October 15, 2015

In this episode you’ll hear:
• How the gender gap is still a real thing
• How if you see something, you can be it!
• How the best thing you can do for yourself is get educated
• How we need to change people’s subconscious ideas about what people can do
• How there is no correlation between fashion sense and scientific acumen
• How you don’t have to fit into one category, you can be popular and be nice
• How you need to set the rules around your work day that work for you
• How in business, the reward for solving a problem is a bigger problem!
• How a balanced life may cause things to take longer
• How when you ant to develop a business or a skill, see what value you can add, and add more value than somebody else is adding

You can find Purple and Nine at :

You can join the Strong Women’s Club by signing up at

I look forward to seeing you over at the Facebook group:

Oct 14, 2015

Julie Austin is the CEO of the consulting firm Creative Innovation Group, and
is the author of “The Money Garden: How to plant the seeds for a lifetime of income”.

Julie is the inventor of Swiggies, and is also an innovation speaker for large corporations. She was been featured on many television programs and written publications and radio shows.

In this episode you will hear:
• How you should never ever put all of your eggs in one basket
• How you should create something that you are extremely passionate about
• How it doesn’t matter where you start

You can find Julie at:

Resources mentioned on the podcast:
• James Altucher’s blog:
• Julie’s book: The Money Garden: How to plant the seeds for a lifetime of income

Oct 7, 2015

Dr. Leslie Bernstein might be the most inspiring person you’ll ever hear speak, and we are lucky to have her here in The Strong Women’s Club.
In this episode you will get to hear Leslie’s advice, her positive energy, her motivational manner.
Important quotes from Leslie:
• It is never too late to do something you really want to do
• You can’t be successful if you don’t try!
• You can Make Serendipity Happen!
• Take advantage of opportunities and make them work for you

Leslie started her career in her late 30’s. She is 75 years old now, works stronger than anybody you’ll ever meet, and has recently been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Mentoring Award, and also the Ron Ross Award.

Dr. Leslie Bernstein is an award-winning pioneer in breast cancer research, and has proven that exercise helps women lower their risk for the disease. Leslie was involved in developing the California Teachers Cohort study, researching more that 133,000 women.

A video of Leslie explaining some of her work:

You can read more about Dr. Leslie Bernstein’s career and work here: