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Join the Strong Women’s Club where Edie Berg interviews successful Jewish women who share the behind-the-scenes personal sides of their stories. Jewish women leaders whose life stories are fascinating, inspiring and will make you proud that you, too, are a member of The Strong Women’s Club. In the Strong Women’s Club, you will hear Jewish women talk about how they reached where they are today, and you will relate to their struggles, their small daily difficulties that sometimes feel insurmountable, and learn straight from one of our own members how they are able to reach their goals.
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The Strong Women’s Club: Jewish women's stories, Jewish women entrepreneurs, Jewish women leaders, Jewish women in business, sports, and science



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Sep 30, 2015

Pamela Zipperer-Davis has established two successful companies, both of which she is the founder and CEO:
⁃ ZD Management, Inc., a healthcare consulting and management company
⁃ Millennium Radiology, Inc. (MRI), a comprehensive diagnostic and interventional radiology company
She also has a family with three sons, now grown. Pamela has a very straight-forward approach to her life and how she manages her business.

In this episode of The Strong Women’s Club, you will hear:
• How you can travel extensively with work, and still be a hands-on mother
• How you must build a strong and caring network of friends who you can trust and lean on, and who can lean on you also
• How Education is the Key - Click to tweet
• How “You can’t help someone else if you aren’t self-actualized” - Abraham Maslow - Click to tweet

Pamela is also the immediate past chairperson of Xavier University’s Women of Excellence.

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Sep 23, 2015

Jenny Williamson is a powerhouse!
Jenny teaches how to have the Courage to Be You,
which is exactly how she has built her own life!
Jenny is the Founder and CEO of Courage Worldwide, an international, non-profit organization that builds homes for children rescued out of sex trafficking around the world. Jenny led this organization from an all-volunteer one with no income, to a $2,000,000 organization with thirty five paid employees, over fifteen hundred active volunteers and two long term residential care facilities.

In this episode you will learn:
• How you just need to take the first step towards your dreams
• How with your actions you are modeling for your children; and your family will become your biggest cheerleaders
• How every person is created on purpose for a purpose!
• How you need to know your strengths, and then use them
• How you need to know who you are, and then like yourself!

Do you have the courage to be you?

You can find Jenny Williamson here:

Jenny’s book:
Do You Have the Courage to be You?

Jenny’s websites:

Have a great day and stay strong!
Thanks for listening,

Sep 16, 2015

Donna Griffit, Corporate Storyteller,has worked globally for over a decade with Fortune 500 companies, Start-Ups and investors in a wide variety of industries. She has consulted and trained clients in over 30 countries, helping them create, edit and deliver verbal and written presentations, pitches and messages. Donna has the ability to magically spin raw data into compelling stories that captivate audiences and drive to results. Through her guidance clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Donna is Co-Founder and CEO of – a tool that helps startups create their pitch to investors and get the meetings they want!

Sep 9, 2015

Jodi Flynn teaches women to be leaders! She is the owner of Luma Coaching, where she coaches large groups, smaller masterminds and individuals. 

Jodi is also the person behind the website:

Sep 2, 2015

Why don't woodpeckers get concussions? Ask Ainissa!

Dr Ainissa Ramirez is the Science Evangelist! Her mission is to get everybody excited about science!

Although Ainissa had a prestigious career in academia, she decided to leave all that and take her show to the road, by writing compelling books and articles that peak your curiosity, speaking all over national television and radio, and talking at TED.

Ainissa is launching her new 2-minute podcast soon, called Science Underground.

She is a master at making mundane subjects exciting, and knows how to write headline titles like nobody else I know.

You can find Dr. Ainissa Ramirez at:
Her TED talk: Magical metals, how shape memory alloys work
Deflate-gate with Ainissa on Fox News: Deflate-Gate