The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, women entrepreneurs.

Edie Berg speaks with experts about the business side of the fitness industry, how to grow your fitness business, and how businesses and corporations can use health and wellness to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Edie interviews women leaders who use health and fitness as tools for success. Currently, the Strong Women's Club is in Season 3 of production.
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The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, women entrepreneurs.



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Aug 26, 2015

Shira Abel is the CEO of her digital marketing company Hunter and Bard, located in silicon valley. Shira and her husband made the decision that although they both have full-time jobs, Shira would be the main provider for her family, after their son was born with special needs.

This led Shira on an unexpected career path and to where she is today, with a very impressive list of tech companies as her clients. Shira also makes time to do a lot of volunteering overseas, teaching entrepreneurial skills to groups in developing countries.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:
• TED: Amy Cuddy: Fake it till you make it
• Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
• Women Don't Ask by Linda Babcock

You can find Shira Abel at:

Aug 19, 2015

Barbra Batshalom is the CEO and Founder of her two companies:
The Sustainable Performance Institute: Provides companies with assessment, education, consulting and certification regarding their sustainability practices and promises.
BuildingEase: the first global trade exchange for (green) construction products making B2B ecommerce easy for the building industry.

In this talk, you’ll hear:
• How Barbra is improving the world by institutionalizing sustainability
• How she is “future-proofing” with smart economic decisions, energy and water efficiency, health and community resiliency
• How she had a small idea, took action in her lunch hour, and built a company from it
• How it’s vital to know your strengths and your weaknesses - Michael Hyatt expands on this in his teachings
• How support from your partner and community is essential

Aug 12, 2015

Our featured member for this week is Dr Anat Loewenstein.
Anat Loewenstein is Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of the Department of Ophthalmology, Tel Aviv Medical Center.
She is the Vice Dean at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Anat is also the Head of the Ethical Committee of the Israel Ministry of Health.
She sits on many boards, has hundreds of publications and presentations, among other positions she holds. Anat is a frequently invited lecturer.
It is really an honor to have her as a member of The Strong Women’s Club!

In this episode, you will hear:
• How busy is a frame of mind
• How there is always time for more, time management is essential
• How later in your career you have the luxury of choosing how you spend your time
• How your extended family and a supportive partner can enable a skyrocketing career
• How Anat’s mother’s expectations of her helped to form her career
• How she chose what she is good at, and used her natural talents
• How if you really work hard, you can achieve what you want
• How perseverance is the key
• Do things immediately! and then be ready for the next thing
• How setting realistic goals is essential
• How children absorb what you do, even if you don’t overtly push them
• How the busier you are, the more hours in the day you have
• How Anat has inbox = zero!
• How strict routines enable freedom
• How she loves helping people with her work, and finds it very rewarding
• How everybody has times when they feel overwhelmed
• How there is never a perfect time in your career to start a family, you just need to start

Anat’s advice: don’t give up, set a real and achievable target, come to peace with it, then fight to achieve it. And:
How at every moment, you need to do your absolute best!

Useful links and resources mentioned:
• How to Fascinate by Sally Hogshead
• Anat Loewenstein on LinkedIn
• Tel-Aviv Medical School
• Opthalmology Dept at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Aug 5, 2015

Pei was born in China, and studied to be a dentist while there. She was strongly influenced by her mother, who is a cardiologist. Pei’s mother was able to advance and support the family by moving to Japan to learn and save money, and ultimately she also encouraged Pei to do the same in America.

Pei successfully immigrated to the US, by herself. She completed her dental fellowship with the help of a caring mentor, and went on to build a successful endodontic practice. 

However, despite Pei’s success, she felt like she wasn’t growing enough, and turned to the online world, together with her husband Joel. Their company is called Relaunch, which provides an effective way to help people to find their voices, and they coach podcasters, speakers and authors.

In this episode you will learn:
• How sometimes a loving family asks you to move away, knowing it will be the best for you
• How learning a new language is a struggle, but essential
• How it’s ok to look for new challenges and beginnings, while still keeping a strong holding in your previous profession
• How women are influenced by their mothers and their grandmothers, even if subconsciously
• How it is possible and admirable to be able to reinvent yourself
You can find Pei at: