The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, women entrepreneurs.

Edie Berg speaks with experts about the business side of the fitness industry, how to grow your fitness business, and how businesses and corporations can use health and wellness to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Edie interviews women leaders who use health and fitness as tools for success. Currently, the Strong Women's Club is in Season 3 of production.
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The Strong Women’s Club: Fitness business in depth. Health and wellness as tools for success for business women, corporations, women entrepreneurs.



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Jul 29, 2015

Tami Firon is one of the top lawyers in Israel, her firm is in the top 10 in the country, and she specializes in large real estate projects, including Construction Projects, Property Development and International Investments, Project Finance & Infrastructure Development. She has three teenagers, and she is one of those women who you wonder how she does it all, stays sane, and has a beautiful family as well!
In this episode you will learn:
• How often your very first client choices can dictate what you do for the rest of your life
• How a supportive partner and an extended family can enable women to thrive
• How Tami’s days have more than 24 hours
• How her family still manages to eat dinner together almost every night
• How in order to be super successful, you have to work a lot
• How it’s most important to like what you do!!

You can see Tami’s law firm here:

Jul 22, 2015

Miriam Schwab likes to call herself the Friendly CEO of Illuminea, which is one of Israel’s leading WordPress development agencies. 
Miriam has 7 kids (!) and is CEO of her own company.
How does she do it?
In this episode, you’ll learn:

• How it is actually possible to run a successful company and organize Wordcamps and have a big blog and a huge family
• How the WordPress community has grown and contributed to what the internet looks like today
• How being independent can mean working more than full-time hours
• How big companies can be completely virtual
• How good early education can positively influence you throughout your life
• How you can weave your job around your family's routine
• How women should choose lucrative areas to go into, and make sure you think carefully about what you are going to study
• How money is not a dirty word
• How there is never a right or a wrong time to have children. It is impossible to plan everything
• How being an entrepreneur is critical to be able to make a good living and have a flexible schedule for your family
• How mothers need to make sure that their daughters have all of the tools and support they need to be able to make intelligent choices
You can find Miriam at:
She tweets at: @miriamschwab
The fascinating Tim Ferris interview with Matt Mullenweg is here:

Jul 15, 2015

Today’s featured member on the Strong Women’s Club podcast is Ramona Pierson! Ramona is the co-founder and CEO of Declara, whose mandate is to change how the world learns.


At the age of 22, Ramona Pierson was hit by a drunk driver while running and spent 18 months in a coma and 11 years blind. She relearned everything from breathing and seeing to walking and smiling. From this experience arose the drive to build companies where personalized learning and relearning were the center of all products.


Ramona is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur, having created The Source in 2005; and founded SynapticMash, which was acquired by Promethean World. She entered UC Berkeley at the age of 16, and was recruited at the age of 18 by the Marine Corps for her brilliance in mathematics and uncanny grasp of data and algorithms.


In this episode of the Strong Women’s Club you’ll hear:

  • How we need to do more than talking, and start acting
  • How Declara is creating a disruptive approach to learning and getting ready for web 3.0
  • How people are trying to invent the future
  • How Declara strives to surface knowledge and drive the collective intelligence further out into the community
  • How all of us can teach something, and all of us can learn something
  • How learning should be open and free for everybody
  • How Ramona’s accident has formed everything she has done since then
  • How people can learn by doing, and be able to articulate their learning preferences
  • How Ramona recommends the book DRIVE
  • How people need to be autonomous learners and innovators.
  • How Ramona’s complex childhood taught her to be self-reliant, and how to experiment with knowledge
  • How Ramona was leatherneck of the year! And could do 100 pull-ups!
  • How her daily schedule includes waking up at 3:00am
  • How being blind freed her from her fear of heights, and rock-climbing gives her a sense of freedom
  • How being sent to a senior citizens home at the age of 24 was the best rehabilitation for her
  • How you need to have a sense of humor, never quit, and have others that believe in you
  • How we are our worse critics
  • How gamification is a powerful tool in helping people to gain skills
  • How regaining her sight was one of the hardest things to do
  • How life is about change, and being able to shift and adapt
  • How vision can get in the way of seeing
  • How Declara helps people to learn from people
  • How women entrepreneurs must be proactive
  • How you must seek out a mentor
  • How we need to empower women by purchasing products that are developed and created by women, invest and grow women’s economy and education
  • How this will make a better world for both men and women


You can contact Ramona Pierson at: or


You can also see Ramona Pierson’s TED talk here, and read about Ramona Pierson in this Bloomberg article


Thank you so much to Ramona for taking the time to be on The Strong Women’s Club podcast!


And thank you for listening!


You can hear more interviews with successful women on The Strong Women’s Club podcast at

Jul 9, 2015

 Today’s featured guest is Ashley Drake, she is the CEO of the Natural Grip;
And, she was on the Shark Tank and landed a great deal with Robert Herjevac;
And, she is a captain in the US Army, working full-time in Louisville;
And, she has a little girl;
And, she works with her husband at the Natural Grip!!
In this episode you will hear:
• How the army can teach you to be a great leader while paying your tuition
• How moms always know best!
• How life brings unexpected turns
• How a supportive spouse makes all the difference
• How working through lunch gives you flexibility
• How obligation and responsibility to your company takes away deliberation and doubt 
• How passion is important, but the “why” is what fuels it
• How work never stops. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it’s great
• How Ashley’s fearlessness made Shark Tank an obvious next step
• How calculated risks are great, but they can’t replace security
• How you can start a business with no money. At all. 
• How proof of concept is ultra-important
• How Shark Tank works
• How female entrepreneurs need to be aware of their leadership style
• How nothing replaces hard work

You can find Ashley and The Natural Grip at

Thanks again to Ashley for being a member of The Strong Women’s Club and coming on the podcast!

Please head on over to iTunes and review The Strong Women’s Club podcast. I’m super interested in getting your feedback and hearing your opinions. Thanks to you for listening!

Jul 2, 2015

For this first episode of The Strong Women’s Club podcast, I chose to interview Susie Dvoskin, who has make it her life's work to empower women and to prove to them that they can do whatever they really want to do.

Susie and her husband, Danny, organize the Israel Women’s Triathlon in Memory of Tamar Dvoskin, their daughter, who was killed in a hit and run accident when she was cycling and training for a triathlon, 19 years ago. 

In this episode you will hear:
How Susie teaches her motto “Every Woman is a Winner”, and how she uses that to bring women to accomplish what they thought they never could
How it’s ok for women to put themselves first, and make space to participate in serious athletic events, and how they can build support around themselves in order to succeed.
How reverse discrimination is necessary, to give women a protected environment where they can flourish
How positive energy is circular: if you give it, it goes to those around you, and comes backt to you.
How it’s ok to ask for help, and that asking for help doesn’t mean that you’re weak.
How Susie deals with her cancer, saying that she is “healthy with cancer”.
How teaching synagogue skills to women empowers them to take on roles that have been traditionally male dominated.
How a 50 year-old woman took what she accomplished in the triathlon, and got her PhD.

You will mainly be inspired by Susie’s energy and glow, which you can hear as she speaks.

You can find Susie at: